Tali Vishne

About Dr. Tali Vishne

The center is headed by the psychiatrist Dr Tali Vishne. Dr Vishne graduated from Tel Aviv University medical school in 1998. She held several positions in the public psychiatric services, treating individuals from many sectors of the population and variable socioeconomic status. She headed the unit treating southern Tel Aviv in Brill Mental Health Center of Clalit HMO, and was the head of the outpatient ward and the psychiatric clinique of Mayanei HaYeshua medical center, a main healthcare provider for the ultra-orthodox community in Israel.Dr Vishne is highly experienced in treatment of unique and rare disorders on the border between psychiatry and neurology; including sensory modulation disorders, disorders caused by physical trauma and other organic disorders. She also specializes management and care for attention deficit disorder and a variety of learning disabilities*, moreover, she has invaluable experience treating individuals on the autistic spectrum, and has served as a therapist and consultant to Beit Ekstein, an organization specializing in treatment of individuals on the spectrum, and to "Bait Ehad" foundation headed by Dr Ofer Golan.Dr Vishne has taken part in numerous scientific studies in many psychiatry subdisciplines, including scientific research in Princeton University, New Jersey. In recent years she is focuses on researching the unique expression of mental symptoms in patients from different sectors of the population, and the specialized treatment of these groups. She has co-authored dozens of professional medical papers, many of them in leading journals.Dr Vishne and the therapeutic staff provide guidance and support for personnel outside of the center, out of a personal sense of commitment to train and prepare a new generation of diagnosticians and therapists in the mental health professions. In addition, we provide assistance and professional tools to educational staff and others who require a deeper understanding of mental health in their work. As a top priority, we work to acquaint local community leaders and caregivers with the world of mental healthcare, especially in unique sectors such as the ultra-orthodx community in Israel, in order to provide support for their unique needs.

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הערכה וטיפול פסיכיאטרי

פסיכיאטריה של המבוגר פסיכיאטריה היא תחום רפואי העוסק בבריאות הנפשית של האדם. פסיכיאטר הוא אדם שעבר הכשרה כרופא, התמחה בטיפול בהפרעות בתחום בריאות הנפש במשך

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הבית של טלי – איך זה התחיל?

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אבחון דידקטי

אבחון דידקטי הוא אבחון הבא לאתר קשיים בתחומי למידה בסיסיים שונים, כמו קריאה, כתיבה, הבעה והבנת הנקרא. במקרים מסוימים האבחון כולל גם בדיקה של קשיים

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